Smile :)


so i do love to smile . . .

Over the past few days alone, i have been told that i have a great smile over a dozen times.  this has to be the best compliment a girl can get 🙂  so it started me thinking about my smile, the reasons for my smiles and the power of a smile.

smiling is contagious you know.  it is completely true what they say about how it takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile.  so maybe it is because im lazy?

it seems like i have so many reasons to smile these days . . . i am truly blessed.  i am 36 yrs old.  i am healthy, happy, employed, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and have an abundance of good friends and continue to have supportive family surrounding my life!

a couple of months ago, my boyfriend (Adam) and I opened a Bar & Grill.  It is not the ideal location, BUT i would not change it for anything.  We have met some really wonderful people who have quickly become close friends.  the most rewarding feeling?  I contributed to Adam’s happiness.  And I have taken a giant leap forward in my life’s goals–crossed another one off the bucket list!  i am so very proud of myself  and it means the world to me for jonah to be proud of me! 🙂

how powerful is a smile?  well, the right one earns you a smile back 🙂  that’s all.

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