Forty-two . . .

IMG_8062Eleven days late . . . I always share a note on my birthday, but this time around, Time was definitely not my friend. 

Time is magical.  Time never asks us to watch while performing its tricks.  It flies when we are belly-ache laughing, stands still when we’re waiting on that call, disappears when we’re typing away towards a deadline.  I learned a good lesson a few years ago about time. You can learn it too when you’re ready . . .  the only real part of time that matters is “the now.” More and more, I practice not waiting for tomorrow or pining for yesterday.  Today, I choose to love, to sing, to cook, to write, to laugh out loud and suck at playing drums.

Forty-one has been a whirlwind of emotions.  Getting on that scale at the doctor’s office and hearing that I was overweight, which caused diabetes to settle in my body may have been the best thing that happened this past year.  It seriously was a wake-up call. Although I have not been paying as much attention to my diet lately, I’m still at a net loss of 26 lbs and my blood sugar levels have remained normal since March.

Old friends become new again.  Volleyball Festival was a fantastic high!  You don’t see my face in this video, but trust me, the smile on my face spanned an ocean of happiness.  Thank you BK & Anna! 

Cooking is still a huge part of my life.  Being able to share my food with others is an incredible feeling. Participating in HRW these past few weeks has been one of the biggest challenges of my adult life. Writing for the Houston Press has been a humbling experience in humility and grace.  One of the best moments happened just days before my actual birthday.  I had the opportunity to join Cleverley on screen on the FOX26 Morning News.  Cheers to your dreams coming true before you even blow out those candles! Thank you Marcus, Kevin, Phaedra, Margaret and Cleverley!

Still learning lessons from everyone who touches my life.  The possibility of having to say good-bye to a friend way before his time to go, seeing age in my mother’s hands and my father’s eyes, hearing uncertainty and sensing wanderlust in my son’s words are all Time’s way of making sure I don’t forget its importance.

So my only first-world problem is that my heart is filled with so much love for someone that I cannot possibly love him any more (that sounded way less sappy in my head). He has been my rock, my biggest cheerleader and most honest critic. Thank you sweetheart. <3 

Cheers to spending more Time living!  #ChasingLife




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