So I’m a SharePoint SME (Subject Matter Expert) by day for Chevron and a scrabble lovin’, spotify listenin’, Parks n Rec  watchin’, hardcore foodie and YELPER! by night 🙂  
I set a goal for myself late last year that by the end of 2013, I wanted to become a member of a group that I really admire and follow.  . . . just a couple of weeks ago, I was notified of my nomination and approval to join the YELP! Elite Squad!  Woohoo!  So you’ll probably see a few links on my blog about reviews and whatnot! 

Here’s a link to my YELP! Profile:  http://cucmonsta.yelp.com/.  I would really like your feedback; YELPing gives me the opportunity to combine two of my loves, writing and fooding! 

A few years ago, I started jotting down recipes that I thought maybe I’d like Jonah to have one day . . . I’m big on TITLES, so the first version of this collection was called:  The CUCbook.  Second iteration:  Onion powder, Garlic Powder and White Pepper (I promise this will make more sense later). 
For what it’s worth, this blog only increases the size of my canvas to share the little things that conjure up my HappYness.   I hope others enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it!   As soon as I figure out how to blog more creatively and do crazy things like upload videos and stuff, this may become a full-time job (JK, a sugar daddy is not in my immediate future;  I’ll leave the leisure living to my world traveling sister—it’s good to be VANJ )!  
If there are recipes that you would like, this is the place to ask for them J  I plan on making Pho again soon before the Texas heat hits us, so you’ll see a good recipe for some yummy homemade Pho.  There is a link to COMMENTS at the bottom of each entry; it would warm my heart to hear from you guys!

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