Tahoe Family Vacation – December 2013

Just wanted to share pictures from our family vacation in Lake Tahoe this past Christmas!  Unfortunately, not everyone who had planned on coming in the beginning was able to make it out to join us!  It was a blast, we will definitely try to do this again!!!  Pretty sad, but I don’t think we ever managed to get a shot of the ENTIRE GROUP!!!  

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Xmas 2013- Tahoe & Dallas

 house collage


We had a pretty wonderful time . . .  my favorite moments by far?  We successfully surprised Natalie with an early birthday celebration!  I have to admit this fantastically sweet idea was not mine!  Her dad, my uncle, Da Bui, mentioned to a few of us one night while we were strolling through the shops at Heavenly that Natalie has always talked about wanting to celebrate a birthday with her family, cousins all abound . . .but long distance and timing have always made this nearly impossible.  Da Bui wanted to make this wish come true for his only daughter 🙂  We did it! 


On the last night we were there, it was a house decision to eat ALL of the leftovers!!!  oh boy! soooo many leftovers!  Josh and I ran out to the store for balloons, a cake, a couple of pizzas for the kiddos, and voila, A PARTY WAS BORN!

I want to thank all of my little cousins for successfully keeping a secret!  We gave each kiddo an opportunity to shop for something little  to give Nat for her surprise party!  I LOVE all of the trinkets and tokens of love that returned 🙂  from candied apples and ice cream desserts to bracelets, a stuffed owl, cool Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis magnets, a couple of voodoo dara dolls!  it was awesome!  and, most of all . . .  I know that Natalie was super surprised and so very happy.  It’s not every day that you can be a part of a wish coming true 🙂  way to go, Dad!!IMG_6015


Josh and I spent a little time together one evening walking out in the neighborhood, star gazing at the night sky.  It was an ahhhmazing sight.  Millions of stars lighting up the dark sky . . . we even saw a couple of shooting stars.  <3 



Moments like these with family puts your life into perspective.  What do we all really have when it is time to go, but memories of shared smiles, laughter, hugs, conversations and great food! 

Until we all meet again!  Cheers to a great winter vacation in Lake Tahoe!  Jonah, Josh, Thai, Natalie, Da Bui, Lien, Steve, Lauren, Phat, Brandon, Nathan, Max, Sydney, Anna . . . . love you guys!!!!  And love everyone who could not make it out this time!  Good news . . . . we are planning a summer vacay in Florida, so don’t miss out!








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