Rodeo Cookie!



Thanks to my very dear friend, Jimmie, I was able to participate in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year as a Committee-Woman 😉

IMG_7896 IMG_7897

I had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for the Scholarship Taskforce.  There are so many wonderful ladies in this group!  It was a pleasure organizing, filing, tallying, reading through applications and filing with these women!  Did I mention filing?  Holy filing!!  Our group as a whole contibuted 712 volunteer hours to the HLSR organization this year and our service was valued at $16,660!  How awesome is that!


One of my personal high-lights so far has to be volunteering for the LIl’ Rustlers event. All of the contestants were children who have mental or physical disabilities.  They all get to participate in a barrel race with stick horses, steer roping and bull riding.  These activities are set up specially for these really special cowboys and cowgirls.  The kiddo I had this year was a bundle of energy!  It was challenging to say the least but I enjoyed every minute on it 🙂  I can’t wait for Lil’ Rustlers again next year!





The taskforce became a full fledged COMMITTEE this year so we should have more responsibilities along with so many more opportunities to do good next year!

Now down to the nitty gritty!  Membership comes with perks!  Because it really was my first RODEO, I needed boots, a hat, the whole sha-bang.  According to Ms. Jimmie, I managed to find myself a “Tourist” cowgirl hat!  HA!  we will have to fix that . . . I went searching for boots but sadly could not find any that I was comfortable with.  I suffer from big, healthy calves and my feet just never felt at home.  Will start the search for the perfect cowboy boot again soon enough!

There were so many amazing performers this year and the Rodeo events were awesome to watch!
Josh and I got to see only a few concerts 🙁  although we could have attended all of the shows! Dang gummit!  Next year!!!

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