The Big Four-Ohhhh!


The Big FOUR OHHHH!!! I made it! It doesn’t feel all that fabulous from here, but I am enjoying the gorgeous sunrise from my 18th story window at the Tropicana in Vegas☀  

 Let me address my present state…I suspect many of my lady friends my age will understand. I may be alone at the moment, but I am far from lonely. That just doesn’t happen anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I wished circumstances were different and I could’ve shared this trip with my sweetheart, but I needed to do this with or without because this trip was for me!





They say no man is an island, but having that type of autonomy and independence is rather attractive to me… So if we can’t be islands, let’s look at it another way… As we were descending on my flight yesterday, the pilot shared that the Grand Canyon could be seen out of the right side windows…lucky me! It was an amazing view of the canyon but even farther out, standing majestically were these mountains peaking through the clouds…if I had to pick a landform to embody, that’s what I want to be. Not old and aging, but strong and weathered…not standing alone…but standing alongside others who have endured the same wind and rain…the same sunsets and sunrises.

All the symbolism aside, I love who I’ve grown up to be. I am not apologetic for any of my quirkiness. I am proud of how much I can care about so many things and so many people! I am thankful for every kiss, hug, smile, tear and laugh that my friends and family share with me! I love the people who share my immediate world and I continue to pray every day and every time I am lucky enough to catch 1:11 or 11:11 on my phone for the happiness and health of every person I hold dear.

Birthdays are important to celebrate…they remind us that we are only human. I catch myself saying on a daily basis, “oh my gosh, time just zooms by!!! (unless it is 2:30 on a Monday afternoon and you are soooo ready to get out of that office!).”

I only really see this when I measure the life in my son’s eyes. ☺️ Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Cheers to another year! Thank you all so much for the happy wishes! I am using my birthday wish once again to treat all of my family and friends to a giant helping of health and happiness!

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  1. Happy birthday dear! I love your use of symbolism and understand where you are coming from. I hope you enjoy your birthday getaway. I need to do that for myself one of these days too! It’s pretty amazing the things you reflect on when you are by yourself. Have a wonderful time 🙂 Miss and love ya!

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