I went back through my notes to read all of my previous birthday notes…reflecting on the past always conjures up the best smiles…So let’s see…another eventful year, shutting the door on the dreaded “37th” year is something I’ve been looking forward to (see my 37 note if you are interested).

So many lessons to be learned this year… Judging character is a gift that one hopes to master; it takes both the good and the bad to build this skill… Falling victim to betrayal, deceit, and unkindness should only make you stronger in your ability to judge, to recognize when the next unsavory character attempts to destroy your happiness.

On the other cuff, there is beauty. When you are blessed with love, you tend not to sweat the small stuff.

Jonah has just embarked on his college adventure. Moving him into his dorm at SMU was magical…this is how an “adult life” begins. When I was 17, my parents moved me into my first dorm at LSU. It was not a big deal…until they actually drove away. I don’t think my 18 yr old experienced the same feelings, but I hope when he receives his first care package today full of pop corn, gum, a roll of quarters for the vending machine, etc. that he realizes how much he is missed and maybe he will start to miss me too <3
I write each year that I have love in my life…blessed to have someone who “wants to hold your hand.” He is kind, thoughtful and continues to occupy more and more of my heart each day.  So many tickles, so little time <3

I am about start a new chapter in my life.  An empty nest shall become a palette for another work of art…there are many new memories waiting in the hallways of this house!

I start fresh with a company I know I will love… Blessed with another opportunity to share knowledge and build skills. 

Lastly,  i am not a sailor by any means, but i am aware that a journey at sea is not always clear skies and calm waters… Navigating through the swells thus far has tested the strength of those three sheets…there may be an opening in the clouds up ahead…all I can do is roll with the waves until the storm passes. 

So yes, I hope 38 will be both full of wonder and wonderful 🙂  it is never a boring ride in the life of Cuc, what fun would that be?

Cheers to another ahhhhmazing year!

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