25 Random CUCisms

Everyone has been the victim of one of these crazy listy lists on Facebook!  I have to admit, i don’t mind them so much!  It’s fun to read notes that are important to my friends to share and in turn I love to share with my friends!!

So this rule required you to list 25 random things about yourself that not very many people would know about you! 

Here goes nuthin:

1. i fall asleep . . . but staying asleep is a challenge.
2. i miss my doggie (arby). . . sometimes i wake thinking that he needs to be let out . . . it’s been over a year 🙁
3. i like reallllly spicy food and wonder about those who don’t.
4. i hate to capitalize when i’m typing.
5. i think texting while driving will be my eventual downfall–so i’m just sayin no.
6. i am in love with edward cullen . . . i’m a big dork-yeah so what!?!?
7. i cooked tacos for dinner tonight and jonah said . . . “mama, i really like your tacos” 🙂
8. i love when people enjoy my food.
9. c is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.
10. sometimes i think about wearing socks to sleep because i know my feet need em . . . but me no likey them on when i’m asleep . . . or awake . . . what can i say, i’m flippy and floppy.
11. i’m a rockstar at wheel of fortune-seriously, it’s like magic.
12. i only eat green skittles and m&ms
13. linkin park’s “leave out all the rest” has been on repeat on my ipod touch for the past two weeks.
14. i miss the squishy feeling of sand between my toes.
15. i drove with the top down and rain splashing down on my head yesterday—and i loved it!
16. i can hear the strumming of jonah’s guitar down the hall and it makes me smile every time.
17. i tried to buy an iced coffee from the the mickey d’s at the walmart at midnight saturday night . . . wow–BIG mistake—HUGE!
18. i got 1000 count sheets for xmas and let me just say that you can never have too many counts!
19. nyquil is one of my best friends.
20. my blanket is too thin . . . i tell myself every night that i need to double up but fall asleep before i ever do—hmmm . . . maybe that’s why i don’t stay asleep??
21. my next book is angels and demons because i want to make sure i read it before i see it.
22. i have 5 basketfuls of clean laundry, 3 loads of dirty laundry and 1 load in the dryer! oy vey
23. i want to be the first woman to win the world series of poker 🙂
24. i recently saw reggie bush on tv and damn! he’s cute—a little dark meat couldn’t hurt 😉
25. i have been wanting to make this list but haven’t felt inspired enough until tonight.
37. just cause!

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