Just CUC it!

Bam!   Bazinga!  Kick it up a notch!  That’s CUCing it 😉
I wanted to start journaling about some of my favorite things:  cooking, driving, music, laughing, loving . . . living 🙂
I have to give credit where credit is owed, the phrase “You CUCed it!” spawned from the brain of my Josh (current boyfriend of Cuc, little league baseball coach extraordinaire, IT ninja and tickle master).
I am dedicating this first entry to tell you a little bit about myself.  The blog though is not a my so-called life kind of thing, it really is meant to be a place for me to share MY SPIN on things. 
This is Jonah phish, my 18 yr old.  College kid, too cool sometimes for mom (but not really).  He currently studies at SMU, in Dallas, which is really close to Arlington where his Nana and Papa live!  It is a blessing to know he has family near when I am 4 hrs away!  He ruvs me lots and thinks I’m super neato in my own special way!  I can tell 😉
This is Winnie Cooper, the newest edition to my tiny little family.  I have always wanted to own a mini.  4 BMWs later, here I am!  She’s the best!  Vrrrrrroooom! Beep beep! Move, get out da way!

3 thoughts on “Just CUC it!

    • I just saw this! Lol! Shoutout to my ridiculously non-aging, beautiful sissy, Van! Since you’ve mellowed out in your old age, I can’t tell people you’re a bit#h anymore :/. I kid! Love you more than words!!!

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