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10-13-2015 2-46-14 PMI spent an evening with a new group of peers and people who share my love of FOODING!  The Houston Food Blogger Collective is comprised of some very cool, very hip eaters, foodographers, and social media mavens.  Last night was my first event with HFBC.  I sat at a table with 5 interesting and talkative individuals.  Each with their phones out, a couple with the real deal Canon 50D Supershot with high-def lenses–ready to snap photos of the dishes that landed on our table.  For once, no one was glaring at you to put your phone away, whispering discretely to eat it before it gets cold . . . it’s not usual that I am the one at the table who is a bit camera-shy, but the food-paparazzi, with their bright white flashes snapping left, right, from above, from the side, turn the dish, move the garnish were a tad intimidating.


Getting back to the real reason we were there . . . Songkran Thai is a fairly new addition to the Houston Restaurant scene.  Located in Uptown Park, the place rivals its surrounding neighbors:  The Tasting Room, Uptown Sushi and McCormick & Schmick.  Stylish Thai food.  The dishes are beautiful.  The aromas tickle your nose with spices that your everyday senses can not distinguish.  

Chef Jett prepared a magical and diverse selection of dishes for my group to photograph, to smell and admire and finally to eat.  Eat we did.  Everything from the lychee martini cocktails and scrumptiously tasty appetizers to each of the 10 dishes on our tasting menu and then the four delicious desserts!

Welcome to HFBC, I thought to myself!  I was so happy to be in the company of fellow foodies, instagrammers, tweeters and facebookers! I cannot wait for more opportunities to share these events with you!

Here are a few of the pictures I took last night!  You can always see them all on instagram . . . or twitter . . . or facebook.  ;P

10-13-2015 2-45-29 PM 10-13-2015 2-45-40 PM 10-13-2015 2-45-48 PM 10-13-2015 2-46-01 PM 

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