wow . .  . like seriously . . .wow.  they weren’t kidding when they say that ,”time flies.”  so here is my note for this year . . .

36 CHEERS to Thirty Six Ways I Have Made Myself Proud in my Thirty-Fifth Year (in no particular order):

1.  Jonah started driving this year and i have not had a major heart attack yet . . . “Whoooa!”

2.  Just very recently I have decided that going back to get my Masters isn’t such a bad idea . . . i have already taken the GMAT . . . so the question is:  do i really want others to start judging my papers and do i really want to start caring about obnoxiously powerful letters of the alphabet again?  (Damn those A’s!)

3.  Drawing and painting again . . .  these are loves that require time, focus and inspiration . . .  it is not often that the planets align and these three elements find themselves dancing on the tips of my fingers!

4.  Seriously awesome SPRING ROLL PARTIES!  i cannot hide it, the Monica Gellar in me is alive and well!

5.  Survived the Chicago trip without completely losing it! (but it was “this” close)

6.  Taken my tech-savvvy skillz to a new level!  what would life be like without google!

7.  drove three non-english-speaking monks to the missisippi gulf coast AND BACK . . .  for my ex’s mother i might add.  (i agree.  it’s sounds ridiculous!)

8.  On the brink of auditioning for a theatrical play! 

9.  Made some new friendships:  Marguerite, Pedro, Soledad, JimmyMai, Louise and Andyloo . . .welcome to the CIRCLE.!

10.  Still have mad, crazy love for Adam <3 u boo!

11.  Found a new favorite classy lounge with AHH-MAZING food and TO-DIE-FOR lychee martinis:  STRAITS

12.  Continuing to be the best mom i can be to a 16 yr old boy.  i think he trusts me . . . i trust him.  

13.  man . . . 36 is a huge number . . . not even half way there . . .  these proud moments are gonna have to be more real and less profound.

14.  i still have all of my teeth

15.  i still have most of my hair

16.  Jonah finds a gray hair only 2 or 3 times a month!  Sweeeeet!

17.  although i am not at my optimum weight, i have not gained a dress size this year 🙂

18.  i still get carded . . . at a few places . . . ok, only when i ask them to humor me.  :/

19.  have not developed any weird late-in-life food allergies like many of my friends have . . . no more spicy food?  really? sucks for you!

20.  have cancelled my maid service!  i know!  i WAS a lazy ass!  but now im cleaning my own toilets again . . .  in fact, that was my first chore this morning!

21.  discovered Criminal Minds!  love me some SPENCE!

22.  Did not have a COW when Jonah left the country for a whole MONTH!!!!

23.  Finally cleaned the study and found my SWATCH WATCH again! (among a plethora of other goodies but were losties.)

24.  Perfected chicarrones con salsa!

25.  AWWW! Screw it– if it’s this hard, then it wasn’t meant to be . . . for pete’s sake, number 14 was that i still have all my teeth!

  . . . i am very grateful for my close friends and my family.  there is nothing more important to me 🙂  cheers everyone!  Cuc

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