thirty-seven 37 three-seven

So not many people may know about my affair with this little number… it has been following me around since my teens…

it was my 18th birthday, a sunday . . . driving home to the coast from starkville (miss state) . . . i get pulled over by a state trooper going 83 in a 55 . . . he walked around to my side and asked me to sit and talk with him in his patrol car.  so i go.  what choice did i have?

mr. officer sir proceeds to explain to me how dangerous i was at that speed, how if i wanted to live to see my 19th birthday, that i needed to slow down and that you miss a bunch of stuff if you speed by too fast. (so profound for a mississippi state trooper 😉 the number 37 is flashing red on his console for whatever reason- i think it was the number of my ticket. . . then he placed his hand on my thigh and patted my leg as he informed me he was going to let me off with a warning this time.  wheeeew.  pervert.

first semester, freshman year, LSU, psychology class.  450+ students, stadium seating . . . i sit randomly among the crowd and a sign-in clipboard surfs my way. . .  guess what number i have to sign by?  yep, 37.

i was 7 months pregnant with jonah. i am alone in our apartment in hattiesburg.  i was heating some water for tea in the microwave.  a sharp pain sends me to my knees and finally horizontal on the kitchen floor.  i crawled over to the phone hanging on the wall, thank god for long tangled phone cords!  as i waited on the ground for the ambulance to arrive, i stare up at the microwave door swinging open, and the 37 seconds remaining on the timer for my tea.  i found out later at the ER that i had gone into early labor caused by a kidney infection…

i have dozens of “37” stories.  i always wondered what this mysterious number had in store for me at the age of 37… what can i say, my life is good right now.  my child is embarking on his senior year at kinkaid. i have love in my life and hope in my heart . . . i operate under the principles of balance.  to see light, you must be aware of the darkness, to feel pleasure, you must suffer pain.  to know love, one has to experience indifference.

bottom line is that i know there are valleys ahead of me and i dont mind the climb if i understand the direction of my journey.  blah blah blah right ;P


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