sunshineI’m a social media monster I’ve been told.  Not really.  But I do love sharing!  Criticize me if you will, yes, I am one of those people who wishes everyone a Happy Thursday!  Indeed, I do enjoy posting pictures of my meals – I’m gifted at Instagram.  And say what you want, but I love knowing that you LIKED my post! 
I admit it, I’m addicted to social media.  I’m a Duchess according to YELP!, a mayor according to foursquare, and one who spends the first 5 minutes of every meal checking in, taking pictures and making notes for restaurant reviews!  I’m not ashamed of who I am or doing what makes me happy out in the open, even if I see you chuckling or taking a picture of me while I’m taking my pictures 😉
I love it!  I love it all!  I’ve been exploring the blog world more lately. . .  I came across a couple of sites that I really love so far. titled:  My Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life.  Gretchen Rubin is way more optimistic and sunshiny than I could ever hope to be, but I think everyone needs to be reminded that you can’t live everyday worrying about what is going on in Syria or North Korea or how the weather patterns are changing so dramatically because of our continued disregard for the environment.  Sometimes, the best you can do is focus on things that you can directly change or influence in your immediate and daily life.  It’s my drop of sunshine in my otherwise addicted to AP News updates about shootings, worldwide injustices, and the generally crazy state of society and its members world.
I haven’t read very much of her blog, I only subscribed to the “Moments of Happiness” that get delivered to my inbox each morning.  It’s like a fortune cookie to start your day J
The other blog I started following is  This guy Nir Eyal is super interesting and I really enjoy his style of writing.  The blog is about business, behavior and the brain.  Pure Enlightenment and simple entertainment.  I get brain tickles when I read his stuff. 😉  Yes, brain tickles.
Enjoy your day.  Cheers to your moments of sunshine, wherever you may find them!

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