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chefI am an avid home cook. My specialties include Cajun, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Southern home cooking.   I have been cooking in my own kitchen for over 20 years .  I was the owner /operator of a popular Houston area Bar & Grill.  These days, my 9 to 5 keeps me in front of computer monitors.  In my free time, I host Feastly events in my home, in local restaurants and venues. 

Feastly is a new platform in the Houston area that provides home  chefs  the opportunity to share their food with food lovers in their area.  This service is thriving in other major cities around the world; Iā€™m only trying to do my part to grow it here in Houston! 

I keep a food blog called: This is where I share my recipes and stories.

I am completely thrilled to know there is a community out there that enjoys everything about cooking the way I do! From spring roll parties to homemade charcuterie nights, I have a deep love of gathering friends and satisfying their bellies.

I grew up in southern Mississippi, on the coast . . . that’s where my love for southern comfort and cajun food comes into play.  When I had my bar and grill , I had the opportunity to cook daily specials and food for my clients. These days, my friends and I come together every so often for a supper club meal or on the whim dinner party.

Watching others enjoy my food truly warms my soul. <3

Pop-Up Meals I’ve cooked in Houston, TX:


Check out my Event Calendar here:  Just Cuc It! Events

You can contact me at



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    • Hi Hannah! I host events thru Feastly! I do both public and private pop-up dinners and cooking classes. If you’re interested, send me a note to with details about what you are interested in šŸ™‚

    • Hi Hannah! I think I have responded to your message already, but just in case, if you’d like to connect and discuss setting up a cooking event/ dinner party, I would love to talk further! you can email me at

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